Lisa Nunn

Senior Geologist

Lisa is a BSc qualified Chartered Geologist, who is a Fellow of the Geological Society of London.  She joined FMDC in 2021, and has nearly 10 years of industry experience working as a geologist, working within multi-disciplinary teams, on a wide range of projects from stone interiors, external cladding to paving.  

She employs and delivers a wide range of valuable technical knowledge, whilst building strong relationships with project teams. Her involvement with FMDC has been on the Bloomberg HQ, Holborn Viaduct project and many others.

Having previously worked for a highly regarded Independent Testing Authority she has gained a broad and invaluable experience in the use of natural stone in construction. Lisa has been responsible for some laboratory aspects of project work, such as microscopical analysis, and is very experienced in survey work on existing facades.  Her wide professional experience has allowed her to be involved in the design, selection and construction aspects of projects using stone. As part of this work and assessment she visits quarries (UK and internationally), manufacturing plants and from residential developments to underground excavations.

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