Robert Edmondson

Associate Facade Engineer

Rob is an Associate Façade Engineer working with his colleagues in FMDC in a number of different roles.

Having graduated with a PhD from Keele University in Applied Mathematics, he entered the façade industry through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, focusing on Complex Geometry Design within facades. Through this programme he developed the ability to write bespoke software for a number of projects, in which much of the design was optimised before automating the production of design information.

He has since expanded his experience in to post failure analysis, building movement and structural analysis, utilising his mathematical skills in his approach to different conditions. Depending on project specific requirements he can write software to assist with any analysis required.  Rob also undertakes and reviews structural calculations by others, for most FMDC projects.

When not at FMDC Robert spends most of his remaining time reading about history, playing badminton and looking after and entertaining his children.

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