Visit to Delft University of Technology

FMDC Ltd’s Lefteris Siamopoulos recently visited the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands to help the students with their MEGA design project, a part of the MSc Building Technology, a project through which multidisciplinary teams are formed by students to design a high-rise building.

Lefteris gave a presentation showcasing some of FMDC Ltd’s current work and the critical role we play as facade consultants, supporting architects in the delivery of their ideas and bringing their façade designs to life. The presentation was followed by a design workshop, during which Lefteris guided students in the development of cladding details for their façade designs, as part the MEGA design project. A big thank you again to Alessandra Luna Navarro for this unique opportunity to share our knowledge!

FMDC Ltd | Lefteris Siamopoulos | Alessandra Luna Navarro | Delft University of Technology
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