S2 Handyside, Kings Cross (Stone)

S2 Handyside is an 11-storey office building, fronting Lewis Cubit Park, on the Kings Cross estate. It was designed by Mossessian Architecture for Argent and is currently fully let to Google.
The building was completed in 2016, with FMDC providing Facade Consultancy services from initial engagement in Stage 2, to completion on site.

A key element of the facade is the Armenian Tuff stone, employed as a rainscreen, fixed to the unitised curtain walling panels.  FMDC geologists played an important role in the specification and procurement of this unusual material, visiting the quarry and fabrication facility in Armenia with the client, Contractor and Architect, to agree acceptable range limits.

Tuff is a rock consisting of consolidated ash, ejected from vents during a volcanic eruption. Armenian black Tuff was selected for the project due to its very dark colour.