Rathbone Place

Rathbone Place was one of FMDC’s first projects, our 7th, secured in the first few months of trading.
We were contacted by Great Portland Estates (GPE) with a view to providing facade consultancy services, which started with an initial month’s trial, and grew into a full appointment, through stage 2 to completion on site, with a CMT type role.

Our involvement in Rathbone Place grew further into many other projects with GPE and was our initial scheme with Make Architects, which has also grown into many successful project collaborations, over the years.

Rathbone Place is a large mixed-use medium-rise scheme in London’s west End, including office, residential and retail programme.  The office component was quickly secured by Facebook, who are the current tenants.  The architecture comprises large double storey glazed punched openings in an otherwise brick clad façade.  The spandrels and window surrounds are either stainless steel (office) or glazed terracotta (residential), depending on location. The brick/terracotta façade is a self-supporting ‘stacked’, faced precast construction, by Belgian sub-contractor Loveld, with the glazed infills supplied by German curtain walling sub-contractor Schneider.

In the residential block, wherever possible the facade was designed as 4-sided precast ‘donuts’, to allow factory pre-glazing of the windows, to minimise site-based work. The terracotta balconies were also faced precast construction.

Lend Lease were main contractors for the project, which was completed in 2017.  The scheme was the ‘Best Corporate Workplace’ category winner in the 2019 BCO awards and was shortlisted for other awards.