Luma, Kings Cross

Luma is an 11 storey, premium residential building, fronting Lewis Cubitt Park, on the Kings Cross estate.
The project was designed by Squire & Partners for Argent, with FMDC initially engaged in early 2015, taking the project through to eventual completion on site in 2020, in a CMT role.

he façade is a composition of precast elements, profiled on the end wall elevations and providing a framed triple order reading on the long elevations.

The glazing elements were conceived as unitised but were eventually executed on site via a stick build methodology, to reflect the relatively small package size and significant design costs associated with the demanding design.

Sliding perforated aluminium screen provide solar shading and privacy and are an important visual element of the design.

Luma was the 2nd FMDC project on the Kings Cross estate, which has since grown to 13 significant building commissions for Argent.  It is also one of our important collaborations with Squire & Partners.