10 George Street

10 George Street (aka E1/E2), is a 37 storey residential tower on the Wood Wharf development, targeted at the ‘build to rent’ market.
It was designed by Grid Architects for Canary Wharf Group and completed in 2019. FMDC were engaged from an early design stage, through to completion on site.

The tower has a flat simple ‘Miesian’ approach on the north and south elevations with wedged-shaped projecting balconies on the east and west.  The material palette is aluminium and glass to the tower, with natural Jura limestone introduced at the low-level podium.  The tower facade was realised in small format unitised curtain walling by Schneider, installed from the floor-plate.

The projecting balconies were bolted directly onto the curtain walling panels, off the critical path, without the requirement for a direct connection to the slab behind, delivering programme benefits, interface simplicity and an optimal weatherproofing robustness.

10 George Street was one of the first FMDC projects at Wood Wharf, which has since extended to others, as our relationship with Canary Wharf Contractors has strengthened over the years.