Irene Mantovani

Senior Facade Engineer

Irene is a Senior Facade Engineer. Having qualified in Building Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, she now has over 5 years’ experience working in the industry. Her project experience brings a blend of skills in facade design, the engineering principles behind design and a detailed knowledge of building engineering physics.

Her strong technical knowledge gives her an expertise to carry out compliance checks against project specification, codes of practice and regulations, carried out with a level of diligence that ensures the required level of quality and design is achieved during construction.  Whilst evaluating the pros and cons of design ideas, her confidence and ability in the technical aspects of facade engineering facilitates clear communication of more complex issues in an “easy to understand” manner.

Irene has a passion for travel, and gets great enjoyment from learning about nature, architecture and culture, invariably weaving scenic or educational walks into her itineraries.

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