Existing Buildings

The refurbishment or heavy ‘cut and carve’ to façades of existing buildings is now an important part of our business, which has grown significantly over the past few years, as reducing carbon emissions has become a key driver, and the value is appreciated by our developer clients. We have many projects where the primary frame is retained, with a new façade designed and installed, and others where the majority of the existing façade is retained but upgraded, with new floors built on top. Challenges often faced include facades with ‘Regents Street disease’, where masonry is cracking and spalling, caused embedded structure, and the likely impact of desired performance upgrades on dewpoints and potential for interstitial condensation. Knowledge, experience and analysis are among tools that we regularly deploy to quantify problems and propose buildable, sensible and risk managed solutions for our clients. Our services on existing building projects follow the same clear, first principles thinking, where performance and other expectations need to be aligned with practicalities, guided by knowledge and experience of product limitations and often contradictory drivers.

Facade refurbishment & replacement

FMDC staff have been involved in many projects where the existing building has required refurbishment which may be require a full dismantle of the existing cladding and replacement on to the remaining existing structure, upgrading of the existing cladding or over-cladding the original facade.

FMDC can advise on the most suitable methods, materials and systems for a facade refurbishment project.


Remedial work

On a number of new build projects, we are invited to comment on construction problems such as cracked stone floor finishes, failed cladding resulting from design or construction faults. We are able to offer technical advice to understand the issues and to propose measures to put them right.

This consultancy service is usually carried out on time basis rates and can be a small project involvement which may also grow to an extended appointment as required.


Expert witness

Our great technical experience and standing in the industry positions us well to undertake expert witness work following cladding breakages or failures. Key members of staff have experience of technical report writing and expert witness attendance at court for a variety of clients.


Failure investigations

FMDC have over 100 years of collective experience within the construction industry which has given us a great deal of knowledge regarding construction techniques, good and bad. This positions us well to investigate cladding failures ranging from leaks to structural failures of stone cladding or fixings and glass breakages. We can offer a consultancy service on most cladding materials and systems.