Materials Consultancy

The ‘M’ in FMDC is for ‘materials’, as we appreciate how important this component of facade selection and specification is, to successful envelope delivery. Our stone knowledge is unparalleled, but we also employ a highly experienced Metallurgist and have recognised experts in concrete, glass, terracotta and most other façade materials. Understanding how materials are formed, and associated limitations on the manufacturing process, are key to appropriate specification and performance in use. Our experts have visited countless factories, during the delivery of projects over 35 years, which has created a vast wealth of knowledge and experience which we can share, to maximise value and minimise/manage risk for our clients.


We have an exceptional association with the stone industry and long standing relationships with quarries, stone suppliers and subcontractors. Our Chartered Geologists have extensive knowledge of materials from Continental Europe, East Asia, Africa and India enabling us to provide options beyond those typically specified in the UK market. This insight allows us to advise on appropriate range selection which, when coupled with our input into the project’s specification, improves product and structural performance, enhances construction methods and build quality and increases aesthetic appeal.


Concrete and other cementitious materials offer a wide range of possibilities in facade design but their use requires careful thought, consideration and planning. Our materials experts have been involved in the design, specification and procurement stages of many high-profile, award-winning concrete projects. We also offer expert advice to those considering using aesthetic concrete in their projects no matter whether it is precast or cast in situ, along with advice about all other aspects of concrete design and technology including durability studies, repairs, cleaning, testing and refurbishment projects.


We are well connected with the glass industry allowing us to advise on the latest fabrication and processing techniques and their limitations. Our vast experience allows us to advise on the correct glass build ups for different locations within a facade. We can also provide a project specific glass risk assessment to ensure that the safest solution is considered for the project, accounting for building regulations, performance requirements and risk of breakage. Our building physics consultant can provide information on the latest glass coatings on the market to help with the facade performance and overall building performance.

Other materials

We have an in-depth knowledge of other materials and their use within the cladding industry, including bricks, ceramics, composite materials and metals. Our facade engineers and materials specialists have been involved in the design, specification and testing of many of these materials throughout their careers.